National online conference on reviewing foreign non-governmental work in 2019
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On March 09, 2020 the National online conference on reviewing foreign non-governmental work was organized by the Committee for Foreign Non-governmental Organization Affairs (COMINGO) with the purpose of summarizing foreign non-governmental work in 2019, and sharing and discussing COMINGO’s directions and tasks in 2020 with 63 bridge points of national provinces/cities.

The conference was chaired by Mr. Bui Thanh Son, Member of the Party Central Committee, Permanent Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of COMINGO and Mr. Phan Anh Son, Vice President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) and Vice Chairman of COMINGO with the participation of representatives and leaders of ministries, branches, unions, central people’s organizations, and leaders of provincial people’s committees; representatives of focal point agencies of foreign non-governmental management and work of 63 central provinces/cities; representatives of related departments, branches, and local agencies.

(Mr. Bui Thanh Son delivered his speech at the opening of the conference)

The conference approved the summary report on foreign non-governmental work in 2019 and the directions and tasks for 2020 as well as some current issues and the implementation plan for the National Program on the promotion of the cooperation and assistance from foreign NGOs in the period of 2019-2025.
According to the 2019 report, 504 foreign NGOs had been operating regularly in Vietnam. Currently, foreign non-governmental aid for Vietnam is expected to level off but foreign non-governmental organizations continue making significant contributions to Vietnam’s socio-economic development. Foreign non-governmental organizations’ activities have been receiving more attention of ministries, branches, and local agencies. They are more proactive, positive, and work closely to gain significant achievements.
Additionally, there were some limitations and problems in foreign non-governmental work such as projects/program evaluation, comments on the Certificate of Registration; regime and quality of reports; insufficient attention and lack of reasonable resources for focal points of foreign non-governmental work to expand relationships, taking advantage of foreign non-governmental aid; weak multi-dimensional information sharing, and so on.
At the conference, delegates exchanged, discussed, and shared their experiences so that the promotion and management of foreign non-governmental work will be further promoted during the next period.

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